1.     Counselling individual survivors and providing 24 hour service to accompany victims to hospital

2.     Para Legal Assistance to individuals and monitoring and tracking case reported to SAPS and Justice Dpt.

3.     Public Education and Advocacy at community level to inform people of their rights and access to legal and medical rights.

1000 individuals' majority women and children through counselling and para legal assistance 5000 public education and advocacy - information giving and community workshops

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2015 Women's Day Event



2015 June 16 Awareness Campaign



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Organisation Overview

Founded: July 1994 as a community based organisation by Dr. C.T. Sideris and Ms. Rachel Nsimbini Nkosi

Masisukumeni envisions a community where there is no discrimination against women and children on the basis of gender shaped by oppressive socio-cultural beliefs and practices, and women and girls are empowered to be free and safe to live their own lives. It is Masisukumeni's hope to one day have:

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Masisukumeni Women's Crisis Centre is located in the Nkomazi region of Mpumalanga province. Nkomazi, part of the former KaNgwane homeland under the apartheid regime, is a piece of land wedged between Kruger National Park to its north, Mozambique on its eastern border and Swaziland in the south.

Address: Stand 2 Tonga View, Kwalugedlane, Nkomazi East, Mpumalanga
Telephone: +2713-780 3364
FAX: +2713-780 3364
E-mail: masisukumeni at
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