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Founded: July 1994 as a community based organisation by Dr. C.T. Sideris and Ms. Rachel Nsimbini Nkosi

Masisukumeni envisions a community where there is no discrimination against women and children on the basis of gender shaped by oppressive socio-cultural beliefs and practices, and women and girls are empowered to be free and safe to live their own lives. It is Masisukumeni's hope to one day have:

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Masisukumeni Women's Crisis Centre is located in the Nkomazi region of Mpumalanga province. Nkomazi, part of the former KaNgwane homeland under the apartheid regime, is a piece of land wedged between Kruger National Park to its north, Mozambique on its eastern border and Swaziland in the south.

Address: Stand 2 Tonga View, Kwalugedlane, Nkomazi East, Mpumalanga
Telephone: +2713-780 3364
FAX: +2713-780 3364
E-mail: masisukumeni at
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